Supporting the Vulnerable

As many of you have seen through our social media pages, we have teamed up with Open Kitchens to provide free meals for those in need within our community.

Open Kitchens has been working with restaurants across the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic to help combat the national food shortage. Helping to reopen restaurants, who had to close their doors in March, to utilise their empty kitchens and produce free meals to those in need. 


50,000 PEOPLE

Parents are unable to feed their children.

The elderly are living in fear of when their next meal might come.

NHS workers are skipping meals due to long and difficult shifts.

The homeless are unable to access food or shelter.

The vulnerable are unable to care for themselves without support from others.

With your incredible donations

we raised over


to make

7,000 meals 

to support #ThoseInNeed

in our community.


We had pledged to raise


To be able to cook

12,000 meals

to #FeedOurCommunity.

We were beginning to struggle.

Our weekly production in the kitchen creating the meals where going to have to be put on hold until we could secure more donations.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare


Nottinghamshire Healthcare, NHS Foundation Trust 

has given us the opportunity to continue to help those in need,

in our community.

They have sponsored us to the tune of


Enabling us to create a total of

12,650 meals!


I heard about the great work that the staff at Bar Iberico were doing and also that they were at risk of running out of money. It was such a fabulous initiative that I was eager to help if we could.


The people Dan and his team are supporting are those who very often come into contact with our services, so it made perfect sense to work in partnership.

I’m delighted that we have been able to help, not only with the sponsorship, but also signposting vulnerable people in our community to services that might be able to help them.

This is the type of project that helps us all to get through what have been very difficult times and I am glad we have been able to help.

John Brewin

Chief Executive

of Nottinghamshire Healthcare

With the incredible support from our followers of Bar Iberico & Iberico World Tapas, and the sponsorship from Nottinghamshire Healthcare, we are able to continue to help our community combat food scarcity. 



 This is still a very scary, uncertain and trying time for all of us. 

With the path back to "normal" still unclear, it can bring fear and anxiety into our lives at a time which is already difficult.  

They offer a crisis line to anyone seeking assistance.

Call day or night and someone will be there to listen and advise you on services available to you, so you can access the right support.

You are not alone