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Do you take bookings?

We are a walk-in venue and accept bookings of 10+ anytime Monday - Thursday & Friday before 4 pm.


Call the restaurant - 0115 988 1133
Fill out the form on our CONTACT page

We have over 100 seats across our three restaurant areas available for guests - we will always do our best to seat you asap!

If you arrive and there's a queue, we'll give you an estimated time on your table and offer you a buzzer to notify you when your table is ready. Giving you the freedom to explore Hockley's range of amazing independent bars and businesses whilst you wait.


Can you tell me when your busiest times are or how long the wait will be?

As we are a walk-in venue only, it is hard to say the exact times we will be busy or have a quieter period, as it depends on many factors.
If it's possible, we advise you to arrive slightly earlier than you'd like to dine, in case a table isn't ready for you straight away.

If we don't have a table available straight away, we'll give you an estimated time on how long the next one will be and the option of a buzzer to let you know when it will be ready.


I'd like a table for (X), but the rest of my party is not here yet - can I sit at our table and wait for them?

Unfortunately, no.
As we're a walk-in venue only, we can only seat you when your whole party is present or you're able to order for the missing party members - we can not hold the table for you if you are unable to order.

You're welcome to wait for the rest of your party in our stooled window area, when all of your party has arrived, we will happily show you the next available table for your party size!


We have a few friends in the area who want to join us

- is that ok?

If we have extra tables, chairs and space available, we will always try to accommodate you. 
However, we can't allow your party to intrude on other diners, block the walkways for another guest or limit the route for our staff, who will be carrying lots of hot dishes. 

We ask that you let us know before we seat you if more people plan to join, so we can prepare for a larger table and seat you when you have all arrived.


I'd like to sit outside - do you have a table for me inside if it rains?

We'll do our best to find you another table if the weather turns but, we can't guarantee it. 


Can I dine outside with my dog?

Whilst we only accept guide dogs inside the restaurant, all pups are welcome to join their owners whilst they dine out on our street terrace. We just ask that they don't interrupt other diners around you.


Bookings & Tables



Do you have wheelchair access?

Whilst there's a step into our main restaurant area, we do have a fold-away ramp to make your entrance into our restaurant more comfortable

- please let a member of our team know so they can assist you. 
We also have a disabled/wheelchair friendly WS on our main restaurant floor.


Are you child friendly?

Yes - We welcome the whole family to come and enjoy our tapas!
We have high chairs for the little ones and can modify the majority of our menu to suit their tastebuds.
We ask that you position any prams or pushchairs as close to your tables as possible to avoid obstructing the walkways for our staff and other diners.




Do you have a children's menu?

We don't have a specific children's menu, but as we cook every dish from scratch, we're able to modify almost all of them to suit your child's taste.
We can also do a margarita pizza, just for them and have a range of ice creams should they want something sweet.
Please ask our team for more information on what dishes are available.


Do you cater for food allergies?

We have digital menus specifically for those who can't have gluten, dairy or nuts - Find them through our
If you have one of the 14 major allergens, please also find this menu list which clearly states in more details what allergen is in every dish. 
If you would like further assistance, please ask a member of our team to assist you.

PLEASE BE AWARE - Bar Iberico currently holds a five-star food hygiene rating and takes steps to ensure safe food management, however all our dishes are created in the same space, so cross contained may occur. Although we can modify and make sure your dishes don't contain the allergens you are allergic to, we can not be 100% certain. 


Do you have a vegan menu?

Along with separate gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free menus, find our vegan menu through our
You may notice some of our Bar Iberico classics are also on our vegan menu - we've been able to swap ingredients to make them 100% plant-based and vegan for you to enjoy them too!


Am I able to order Menu Rapido after 6.45pm on weekdays/5pm on Saturdays if I've been waiting for a table?

Unfortunately, no.
We understand you may have chosen to dine with us specifically for our Menu Rapido deal, but if you're not seated at your tables by 6.45 pm on weekdays/5 pm on Saturdays, our till system will not allow us to process the Menu Rapido deal.
All the dishes will still be available for you to order after this time, but not through the
£13.95 deal.
We realise this can be frustrating. We'd recommend the next time you join us for Menu Rapido to arrive as early as possible, as we usually experience a busy period in the early evening with customers hoping to utilise the deal before it ends.


How many dishes would you recommend per person?

We would recommend 2 - 3 dishes per person.
However, if you order more than you can manage, we do have takeaway boxes if you'd like to take it home with you - tapas leftovers!


Why do you recommend ordering as a group rather than individually?

Our dishes come out of the kitchen as and when they're ready - some plates are created and cooked quickly, whilst others can take longer to arrive at your table. Ordering as a group means everyone can enjoy the dishes together rather than waiting specifically for theirs to arrive. 

We also wouldn't recommend waiting for all the dishes to arrive before beginning your meal, as mentioned before, some plates take longer than others - we wouldn't want your dishes to go cold!

We always aim to get your dishes to you as quickly as possible, but please be aware there can be a short delay during busy periods.

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Menus & Ordering



My gift card expired whilst we were in lockdown due to Covid-19 - what should I do?

All gift cards that have expired whilst we were closed by the government will be extended to the end of 2021. 
You don't need to do anything to your gift card, just bring it along the next time you dine with us and let our team know when you are seated.


Can I use my Bar Iberico gift card at your sister restaurants Iberico World Tapas or World Service Restaurant?

No - our gift cards are created and designed especially for our restaurant till system and can only be redeemed within our Bar Iberico.

If you'd like a gift card for our sister restaurants, please follow the links below - 


Can I use my Bar Iberico gift card on your Bar IberiGO Takeaway service?

Unfortunately, no.
As the Bar IberiGO takeaway is hosted on a different platform to our restaurant till systems, and to place an order you must do this online rather than within the restaurant - the gift cards do not work.

We are working on changing this - please check back here soon, keep an eye on our social media posts or subscribe to the mailing list to keep up to date!


Can I have my gift card purchase emailed to me as a digital voucher?

Our gift cards are created as a physical card for you to use in our restaurant, so we are unable to email your gift card as a digital voucher. They can be collected from our restaurant or posted to you or the recipient.

Gift Cards