Hi everyone!

We are so sorry to go back on our recent exciting news regarding our delivery service, but for now we are going to have to put some temporary brakes on this idea. 


We have been inundated very recently by staff having to self isolate, making it logistically impossible to operate. With hindsight we also feel that we should be socially responsible and encourage all of our staff to follow guidelines - stay indoors and stay safe. The last thing we want to do is put our valuable team at risk. We have however been truly humbled by the response to our delivery idea, so rest assured we will operating this as a side of our business in the future.
Watch this space! 😊


In the meantime, it’s goodbye for now from Bar Iberico.

We can’t thank you enough for your support and loyalty, and we will be itching to open our doors again when it’s safe to do so.

Please look after yourselves and see you soon! 😘

Updates From Us

We will do our best to respond to emails periodically but please be aware that we may not be able to deal with all of your requests immediately. 

If you have a reservation with us during the period of Government closure, this will be cancelled for you. You do not need to do anything and of course no cancellation charges apply. When we re-open we will call any bookings to see if you wish to still join us.

We will be allowing an extension on gift cards that expire during our period of closure. We ask that you bring your expired card with you when joining us, and then we will issue you with a new one that will then be valid for 12 months.

We appreciate your patience during this incredibly difficult time.

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